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DomController - Control Anything from Anywhere

Based on the fact that more and more of the devices used in our everyday lives can be connected (computers, phones, tablets, TVs, A/V equipment, home automation modules, cameras, household appliances, set-top boxes,…), DomController aims to centralize and simplify their control, but also to link all those devices together in order to create countless scenarii making our everyday lives easier.

DomController is a server software allowing to manage your home's every day environmental, supporting all the different aspects of home automation (lighting, heating, cooling, opening, security, CCTV, automatism, power saving,…), it is also able to communicate with various connected devices. DomController has built-in support for the technologies Z-Wave, X10, infrared, Bluetooth, USB, UPnP and more widely TCP/IP, but it can also be extended to support other technologies, protocols and devices thanks to its Application Programming Interface open to third-party developers.


It allows real-time control of your home from any computer, tablet, remote control or mobile phone, and that from anywhere (where you have an Internet connection). You can also receive notifications (alerts) when an event occurs, such as an intrusion, a water leak or a fire. All that without requiring a paid subscription or an account on a distant service.

DomController System Architecture
DomController System Architecture


You can easily program automatisms, manually triggered or following an event (predefined schedule, sunrise/sunset, alert, signal or device state change,…). The links between devices allow to create a lot of scenarii, the only limit is your imagination! Here are some examples of automatisms very simple to do with DomController software:

Whether you use a PC, a tablet or a smartphone, the user interface allows you to view in real-time your home environment (temperatures, humidity, energy consumption, devices states, alerts,…), to create scene and to control every connected device. It also provides some statistical tools, for example energy consumption analysis, event history or temperature charts.


Here is an overview of the user interface: (some elements might change in the future since the software is still under development)

Turn on/off appliances

Turn on/off any connected appliance, monitor its energy consumption & estimate its cost...

Lighting control

Turn on/off lights, change brightness level or color of LED lights...

Control & save energy

View energy consumption and instant power consumption for each energy meter in your home & estimate energy costs...

Heating & cooling control

Control heating & cooling in your home, define temperature setpoints & presets...

Home environment monitoring

View temperature, humidity or luminance for each room...

Motion detection

Get informed when a motion is detected in a room...

Live streaming of security caméras

Keep an eye on your home using IP cameras or webcams...

Doors & windows opening

Check whether doors & windows are open, lock doors...

Smoke & flood detection

Be alerted as soon as smoke or water leak is detected...

Infrared Control

Learn IR codes from your remotes, send IR codes to your infrared equipment, define actions based on received IR codes...

Network computers control & monitoring

Remote control PCs, view system characteristics & CPU/GPU/memory/storage usage, control fans & overclocking...

Smartphones/tablets control & monitoring

Send notifications to smartphones & tablets, view their geographical position in real time, create scenes based on appointments...

Logitech Squeezebox audio players

Control playback & volume, access your music library, create playlists,...

Karotz domestic robot

Control Karotz ears, LED, camera & speech, use RFID tags or voice commands, play sounds & music...

Uninterrupted Power Supply monitoring

Monitor UPS battery level, voltages & power consumption, be informed on power failure, power surge or battery discharged...

HDHomeRun TV Tuners

Watch TV and view TV tuners state, signal quality, network bandwidth & current program...

Freebox Server & Player

View real-time download/upload statistics & ports state, monitor temperatures & fans, manage downloads, reboot and remote control Freebox Server & Player...

Real-time weather conditions

View real-time weather and create scenes based on weather conditions...

Device Management

Easily add & configure various devices, view their state & detailed information...

Perfect integration in Windows environment

Quickly access your favorite devices & scenes, always keep an eye on your devices with widgets...

Mobile user interface overview

DomController mobile version for Windows Phone



DomController supports a wide range of home devices


Main features


Overview of DomController new UI for Windows Phone/Tablet/PC :


Demo of voice controlled home automation with DomController & Cortana on Windows Phone :


Overview of the mobile user interface (for Windows Phone, iOS & Android versions planned)
View real-time device states, remote control any device, receive notifications :


Turn on/off appliances & lights, monitor power consumption, change light brightness, control a relay board :


Remote control TV & other A/V equipment :


Remote control Squeezebox audio player :


Remote control computers, view system characteristics, monitor CPU/GPU/memory/disk usage, control fans & overclocking
(temperatures, fans speed, clock rates, voltages, power consumptions), use phone as a remote, a keyboard or a touchpad :


Remote control heating & cooling :


Remote control doors & windows :


Remote control Xbox 360 console :


Remote control Karotz, let it speak, move ears, animate LED, recognize RFID tags :


Demonstration of remote control from a mobile phone, this is a personal project prior to DomController development :


DomController is under development and will be available in a few months, stay informed of the project's progress:

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